Having traveled over many musical territories as a songwriter, singer, guitarist and producer, JJ Appleton has always used one compass - the blues.  After seeing Sonny Terry and Brownie McGhee at age 10, he was hooked and crooked.

JJ was born into the  paternal influence of a political radical & musical genius who played his son 87.6% of the Folkways catalog.  Rebelling as teens do, JJ left the sweet smells and deep snows of Vermont for New York City - moving on to paying the rent singing on Diet Coke commercials, co-writing with pop-tarts & charlatans, and all the while playing looong guitar solos in smoke filled halls of ill repute.

Cut to 2015.  

A what-the-hell series of phone calls to hire led to a joining of forces between JJ Appleton and 2015 Grammy nominated Jason Ricci, a world heavyweight champion harmonica player, bluesman, songwriter and personality. Their new recordings are a rebirth and deep breath of fresh air for both parties.  Recording 100% unplugged (nary a guitar pick up or bullet mic in sight), the upcoming release mixes gutbucket-noir Blues, Roots with dirt still on them, and a sprinkle of cajun Americana.  Original compositions,updated traditionals and devotion to musicianship all blend to make a musical collection of real fire, fury fortitude, & fun….

In this modern world of likes and views, JJ Appleton hopes to bring another poetic collection to the library of American tradition.  May the blues and it's friends be carried into the future with strong, humble and caring hands.